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Professional Staff

We are made up of a team of professionals who deliver quality work just the way you want it.

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Innovative Design

Creating designs that match the industry of clients and conform to the latest trend is what we do.

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Wholehearted Support

Clients are our priority. We're always an email away, no matter what time of day.

Bring you smooth feel and new experience from your own site.


These Are The Services We Provide, These Makes Us Stand Apart
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Web Design & Development

Using the latest web technologies, we bring life to websites that impress without sacrificing functionality.

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Internet Marketing & Promotions

Our 5 years experience in internet marketing and promotions will bring your business to people who are looking for you.

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Analytics & Consultancy

Website suffering from a low-down in terms of Internet visitors? We can help you figure out what's causing the problem and provide solutions.

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Content Writing & Editing

Creating original, quality and engaging content is our expertise. We create SEO-friendly content that search engines will surely love.

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Image & Video Editing

Need enhancements on your images and videos? We can definitely help you with that.

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Graphic & Logo Design

Having worked with clients' brands, we have developed the skill in creating logos and graphics that will make your brand standout.


For many years, clients have trusted us with the development of their websites. Below are the projects we have completed for them. Have a look.

Other Projects

The AeonSmart Koncepts Timeline

Past & Future
2016 onwards

The Future!

AeonSmart Koncepts is in the process of studying and implementing new online technologies that will benefit its existing and prospective clients. When these new developments reach deployment status, you can be sure that it will help the ASK's current and potential clients soar to greater heights!

2013 - now

Offered Responsive Web and Mobile UI Design

Due to the demand for online promotions and website development for local clients, Aeon Digital Solutions decided to focus its attention on the local scene. The organization decided to rebrand and launch as AeonSmart Koncepts. Its acronym, ASK, became the core marketing thrust of the organization, urging existing and potential clients to "ASK" themselves whether they are doing enough for their own businesses in terms of online marketing, promotions and virtual presence.

Today, the flagship website offering of AeonSmart Koncepts is Responsive Web and Mobile UI Design. Its rebrand undertaking also enhanced the services being offered by the young organization. Aside from Web Design & Development, the team also offer Internet Marketing & Promotions, Analytics & Consultancy, Content Writing & Editing, Image & Video Editing, and Graphics & Logo Design.

As of this writing, AeonSmart Koncepts managed to secure more web development and Internet promotions projects from a number of local businesses, among these are Richmond Inn Silay, Margie's Cakes and Pastries, Ouranios Flowershop, Bacolod Properties and Realty, Zelexys Homeline, Flower Pauer, and Megumi Academy.

ASK has also secured a government project, the design and development of the official website of the Municipality of Isabela


Started Consultancy Service

Armed with technical knowledge on how things work in the arena of online marketing and promotions, as well as website design and development, the team offered consultancy services under the umbrella name of Aeon Digital Solutions. The organization expressed readiness to provide valuable online knowledge to existing and prospective clients, and at the same time, continued to design and develop websites for local business while carrying on with the online research and marketing tasks assigned by foreign clients.

During this time, the young organization was able to secure website development and marketing projects from Bongbong's Piaya and Barquillos, Home Invest Realty Ventures Inc., Nelson's Furniture, Infinity Candles, Cafe Bob's, Campuestohan Highland Resort, Dynamic Football Club and Adings Palapala Bacolod.


Added Internet Marketing and Promotions to Services offered

During this time, there is fever-pitch demand from foreign companies for Internet Marketing and Promotions, and so the founder, with her team welcomed these new tasks from foreign clients and started to get really busy with online marketing and promotions.On the local scene, the team continued to maintain and update the websites of existing clients, and at the same time, propose and develop websites for new clients. The team was able to secure new local website projects for Cadiz Economic Center and Acropolis Gardens.


Expanded to Include Web Design and Development

Foreseeing the need of local companies to also have an online presence, the founder and her team decided to venture into web design and development. Among the first local clients were Teresa Development Corporation, South Hills Academy, Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Inc., and Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation.


Started Creative Writing and Editing Business

Aeon Smart Koncepts began it's journey when the founder, Sno-Ann Digon, took on creative writing and editing tasks for foreign companies who needed relevant content on their websites as required by giant search companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Team ASK

Absolutely Superb & Knowledgeable


Founder & Marketing

Bright as a sunshine, a sunny smile is her trademark. She has the knack to bring life to a gloomy atmosphere anywhere she goes.


Design & Development

Perfectionist by nature, he does not get satisfied with a mere okay. He wants to see the best in every project worked on by the team.



An artist by heart, he sees miniscule details when others don't. He infuses life, meaning, and color in all his images.


Creative Art

A natural artist, he creates the most attractive designs from even the simplest of figures. He can see art in a pile of stuff.

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